Say Hello to Iona Olive!


Iona Olive is one of many teenage girls that have a passion for fashion. She also loves arts, photography, and food! Iona is the owner of the blog called Stylish Creation, where she makes posts about beauty and lifestyle. She feels her knowledge of fashion grows every time she reads up on other fashion bloggers.

“It’s great being inside of this community because all of us learn a bit of something, and for me, learning is good!”


Iona describes her style as undefined. She feels that whatever she wears usually reflects her mood. Although, you can catch her wearing a flower print most of the time.

“Fashion is whatever we want. In my case, fashion makes my spirit shine because it is a way that I have to express my soul!”

Couldn’t have said it better myself Iona! Check out more of Iona and her unique style in the links below:

Instagram: @23_of_march

Twitter: @sty_creation

Facebook: stylish creation


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