Say Hello to Dhvani Tombush!


Dhvani is a Nigerian-Indian fashionista, who lives in New York City. She blogs about her thoughts on fashion and beauty and how she can change the world.


Dhvani describes her style as casual chic and elegant. Every now and then, you can catch her switching up her style. She feels that by changing her style once in a while, it gives her a way to interpret new styles. To Dhvani, fashion is a way of expressing who she really is.

“One of the most exciting things about waking up in the morning is thinking of what I am going to wear that day.”

Dhvani then goes on to quote Harry Winston:

“People will stare. Make it worth their while.”

Check out more of Dhvani’s chic style in the following links:

Blog Site:



Want to be featured like Dhvani? Email me at Along with 2-3 pics of you in your fav outfits, a brief description of your style and a few brief sentences explaining what fashion means to you. Include some of your blog links if you have any.


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