Say Hello to Caam Tellez!


Caam is 21 and lives in Mexico. She is also a fashion design student.

“Since I can remember, I wanted to be a dressmaker, just like my granny. When I grew up and discovered Giorgio Armani, I knew I HAD to be a fashion designer.”

Caam’s dream is to be as big as Giorgio Armani or Schiaparelli. Between her hidden abilities throughout school, she discovered she was a good writer. Last year, she finally decided to start a fashion blog called 21 Magazine.


“Fashion for me? Fashion is art, fashion is business, fashion is marketing, fashion is psychology, social studies, history, and even mathematics. Fashion is E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G for me.”

Caam describes fashion as a way for her to express herself.

“If you see fashion only superficially, you’re doing something wrong cause fashion ain’t just pretty girls and high heels.”

I definitely agree with that Caam! Check out more of Caam’s awesome style below:

Want to be featured like Caam? Email me at along with 2-3 pics of you in your fav outfits, a few sentences about yourself, and a brief description of your style and what fashion means to you. Include any blog links if you have any.




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