Say Hello to Jessica Malo!



Jessica is a teen blogger from Australia. She says fashion is a huge part of her life and has been her passion since she was seven. Her dream is to study fashion and a become a fashion designer.

“I design and sew clothes, and at the moment I’m making my biggest project yet, my debutante gown.”


Jessica describes her style as feminine and edgy.

“I like to style myself in clothes that will bring out my feminine side, but also give a quirky or edgy feel to it, which sort of cooperates with who I am.”

IMG_3690Jessica says she started her fashion blog to share what she loves most with everyone, and keep herself on track in her own fashion life.

I totally agree. Cute style!

Check out more of Jessica’s amazing style in the links below:


Instagram: @jess_dressica


Check out more of my own personal style in the links below:


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