How to Make Your Brown Eyes Stand Out!



This is a simple, inexpensive, and effective way to make your brown eyes stand out. All you need is blue eyeshadow and black mascara.


Instead of using the flat part of my eyeshadow applicator, I used the thin, side part. This allows me to apply the blue eyeshadow as if it is eyeliner.



Here’s how to get the look:


Step One: Apply a thick line of blue eyeshadow to your upper lid.

Step Two: Do the same for your lower lid.

Step Three: Apply mascara to your upper and lower eyelashes.

Step Four: Show off your beautiful brown eyes!

Here’s pics of my eyes afterwards:



To complete this look, lightly bronze your cheeks and add a nude or peachy lip.

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2 thoughts on “How to Make Your Brown Eyes Stand Out!

    • Thank you ! And you should try it , my pictures aren’t the best , but the blue really does bring out the color in your eyes . Also , I’ll make sure to check out your blog ! 🙂

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