8 Spring Outfits Coordinated by Yours Truly

This spring, I have coordinated eight outfits out of new items I bought this year and items I’ve had for years. They range from sweet and girly to sassy and edgy. Check them out below:

Outfit #1

The first outfit is a street look with the high-waisted skinnies and a crop top, complete with a beanie. The fur vest makes it sassy.


Beanie – Rue 21

Crop top – Rue 21

Vest – Sears

Jeans – Rue 21

Shoes – DSW

Belt & necklace – Rue 21


Outfit #2

My second outfit is my edgiest outfit yet. It’s also a bit old school with the high-waisted skirt and knee length leggings.


Top – Wet Seal

Skirt – Forever 21

Leggings – Love Culture

Earrings – Wet Seal


Outfit #3

In this outfit, I reused the fur vest and paired it with an old tribal print tunic I’ve had in my closet for years.



Tunic – Sears

Vest – Sears

Tights – Dillard’s

Boots – DSW


Outfit #4

My fourth outfit is very sweet and girly. Perfect for when I wore it for Easter.



Dress – China (sorry, I can’t think of the online store)

Belt – Rue 21

Shoes – Shoedazzle

Earrings – Justice


Outfit #5

This is an outfit I’ve worn for years, but it’s always perfect to pull out and wear during the spring/summer time. (Also, in the last pic, I showed off my outfit with my beautiful sister-in-law whom wore a pretty black and white striped dress.)





Dress – Sears

Mesh Shawl – Love Culture


Outfit #6

The 6th outfit is a newer one I bought this year. I noticed almost everyone was wearing harem pants, so I gave them a try, and paired them with a long sporty crop top. I completed the look rocking my natural, poofy afro.



Crop top – Rue 21

Pants – Love Culture


Outfit #7

My next outfit, was also a recently purchased item. The tribal jumpsuit makes the outfit super chic.




Jumpsuit – Love Culture

Belt – Love Culture


Outfit #8

My last outfit is my absolute favorite. This is the ultimate girly, and fashion forward outfit I’ve worn this year. Pretty much everyone was and still is wearing flower print, and honestly I didn’t want to join in on the rave. However, when I saw this beautiful dress, I couldn’t resist.


I also wore this dress to my niece’s graduation. She wore a gorgeous spring outfit as well. The cheetah flats work great with the simple, white, elegant dress. (Speaking of my niece, feel free to check out her blog as well inexpensivechic.com)



Dress – Love Culture

Hope you enjoyed my spring collection!



6 thoughts on “8 Spring Outfits Coordinated by Yours Truly

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