11 Summer 2014 Hairstyles

Hairstyle #1


An elegant hairstyle just right for a formal party.


Hairstyle #2


For some reason, this looks like how I might fix my hair if I were to play a game of soccer or beach volleyball. I don’t know, that’s just my preference. Unfortunately, I would be too chicken because I wouldn’t want it to get messed up after all the time it takes in braiding this.


Hairstyle #3


I think most of us can say we love Beyoncé’s hair in this photo. The light to dark look is so sexy.


Hairstyle #4


Yet another elegant/chic look. It’s very simple to follow and it’s one of my personal favorites.


Hairstyle #5


I adore this look! It’s very creative and bold.


Hairstyle #6


This hairstyle is very daring. I don’t know if I’d have the guts to chop off my curls for such an edgy look. However, I still think it’s gorgeous.


Hairstyle #7


I’ve seen this hairstyle so many times, but it never gets old. Adding highlights in the back make it appear a fresh and young style.


Hairstyle #8


Hairstyle #8 is another timeless style. Loose curls are always in.


Hairstyle #9


Ri Ri always manages to pull off a short cut. Honestly, I liked it when she had this look and the color was light pink. Strangely, she reminded me of that one girl off of the cartoon, Code Lyoko, with the same cut and light pink hair. Anyways… overall, it’s a beautiful hairstyle, and if you’re thinking about this look, rock it!


Hairstyle #10


Windswept, feathery looks are so appealing for this summer! Don’t forget to add the highlights!


Hairstyle #11


This is one of those charming, exotic styles. You’d definitely look fierce with this hairstyle.


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