Celebrity Feature: Zendaya

Okay let me start off by saying Zendaya has some of the best outfits ever! I love every single outfit she wears and she’s the celebrity I most dress like. She doesn’t mind playing with different patterns and mixing and matching them to create an amazing outfit. If I could choose any celebrity’s wardrobe to steal, I’d have to steal hers! Here are some of her outfits from this year that I adored:


This was her outfit for the Kid’s Choice Awards. I really think it’s creative how she wore bobby socks and closed toe heels with jean shorts. It’s so chic.


This is another one of my favorites. Zendaya wore this dress to the Pamella Roland Fashion Show in New York City back in February.  I want this dress so bad! The sheer cutouts are trendy and fabulous.


I am in love with this dress even more than the previous one. She wore this to the Grammys and it is absolute perfection! Enough said. I’m breathless.


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