Summer 2014 Swimsuit Trends

Ladies, we all know to truly have an awesome time at the beach or pool, your swimwear has to be on point. Especially if you’re looking for heads to turn your way. Here are some trends you can try to leave those jaws dropping:

Swimsuit #1 – Halter Plunge One Piece


If you want a bit more edge to your swimsuit, this is ideal. I just chose some simple ones as an example, but going with a bright print is even better.  My swimsuit is similar to the one on the far right.


Swimsuit #2 – Bandeau Bikini Set


Almost everyone has started wearing bandeaus again. So if you’re trying to stick with the trend of the summer, wear one of these.


Swimsuit #3 – Fashion One Piece


I really like fashion one pieces. There’s so many different styles and designs out there to choose from. You definitely have to have one of these in your swimsuit collection!


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