Ombre and Tinted Hairstyles


Ombre hair has been around for a little while, but I noticed this year almost everyone had some sort of ombre colored hair. Personally, I think this trend is chic and different. I like how the different shades of colors blend together.


This ombre colored hair is light to dark; however, most ombre colored hair is dark at the roots and lightly colored at the ends of the hair.


Along with the basic ombre colors; I’ve noticed that colored ombre hairstyles have also become a trend. I wasn’t really sure if I liked ombre colors with greens or pinks, but I found this particular style very classy and something I would wear.


Another style I found to be very elegant was blue tinted hair. This is a color I will definitely try in the future. I like how it’s a dark, almost black color, but you can tell it isn’t quite black.


The purple tinted hair is another color I also thought looked great.


Which one of the colors would you rock?


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