Baseball Caps Can Be Stylish!

Fanatics, the leading online retailer for everything sports, specializing in apparel, recently had a challenge to choose one of their baseball caps and build a sporty chic ensemble around the cap, using only five additional pieces! This is the baseball cap I selected:


The team hat I chose to use in my outfit was the Red Sox. At first I was going to select a red cap because when I hear the name, Red Sox, I immediately think about the color red, but I wanted my outfit to stand out so I chose the furthest color from red! Green! Here’s the outfit I created to go with my hat.

Baseball ready
I wanted to keep some of the baseball vibe so I chose a baseball style shirt and paired it with striped, knee high socks. I also wanted to incorporate some of the green from the baseball cap I selected so I chose a lime green pair of earrings and lime green platform boots.
If you’re looking to try this outfit or chose your own baseball cap and customize your outfit, Fanatics can definitely help with your sporty chic style!
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