Say Hello to… Yani


Iyanuoluwa Alade, also known as, Yani, is one of my stylish friends from college. Yani is an energetic person who is open to learning new things, and making the most of life. “I am a very happy person who likes to see the bright side of all situations no matter how bad it might seem,” Yani states.

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Yani tends to wear what makes her comfortable and happy. She loves to wear clothing that are form fitting, but also relaxing. Yani says, “My personal style depends on the day because some days I could be wearing a tank top and sweat pants with gym shoes, and the next day I would be sporting a nice dress with heels.”


“To me, fashion is an outlet, it is the only place where I can truly, whole heartedly be myself.” Yani believes fashion is her judgement free zone where risks are welcomed, and adventure is encouraged. “Fashion is an entire world of its own that is just waiting to be explored!”

Social Media

Instagram: @yani_ala


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