Fall and Winter 2014-2015 Fashion Trends

Below are five current fall and winter fashion trends, along with outfit ideas on how to wear each trend. Enjoy! Trend #1 – 60’s Fashion This trend is all about bold prints, bright colors, and short A-line hems. Also, the … Continue reading

8 Spring Outfits Coordinated by Yours Truly

This spring, I have coordinated eight outfits out of new items I bought this year and items I’ve had for years. They range from sweet and girly to sassy and edgy. Check them out below: Outfit #1 The first outfit is … Continue reading

COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS #4 – Outfit Ideas for Christmas Day!

Here are different ways you can mix and match your wardrobe to have a fabulous Christmas outfit! Or if you’re looking for an outfit to purchase, here’s some ideas to keep in mind when searching for a Christmas look.Look Number … Continue reading

Join the Cross Print Trend!

So I’ve noticed a new trend that has been popping up lately, which is a print with crosses on it. Below, are two stylish ways you can join in on the trend, if you haven’t already. Since it’s autumn, add … Continue reading

My Back to School Looks!

These are all my back to school looks for the first week. You want the look? I’ll show you how to get it! Monday For my first look, I wore a peacock print sundress with a tan tank top underneath, … Continue reading